Secretary’s Report – July 2021

Secretary’s Report – July 2021


Aloha and welcome to mid-summer! The days are long and beautiful. Members are certainly enjoying the return to the Lodge facilities. The Membership Office is now particularly focused on assisting with new candidate membership processing. All of the standard procedures and rituals of Investigation, Orientation and Initiation are returning to pre-COVID times. It’s taking some practice and relearning.

Much planning by the House Committee and Board of Directors is underway with procedures and amenities to accommodate the return of members as restrictions are being eased and as we do, please be patient and understanding as we transition back towards normalcy and make allowances for the members to enjoy the Lodge as fully as allowable. We are all eager and anxious.

Stay safe. Stay courteous, respectful and Aloha,

e a hui hou

George West, Secretary

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