Historic Articles

Historic Articles

History of Lodge #616

Learn about Elks Lodge #616 through our Lodge Historian.

Historic Articles

William George Ashley, 1st Treasurer

Money manager? Financial planner? CFO? Today, Elks 616 Treasurer William George Ashley might carry any of those job titles after his name. His career centered on providing financial advice. Most of his public life was related to finance, even the dark corners.

An Elk for Governor: L. E. Pinkham

This year Governor is not on the ballot – BUT imagine you couldn’t vote for Governor. Until statehood, the U.S. President appointed Hawaii governors.

An Elk for Governor: J. B. Poindexter

Elk Governor Joseph Boyd Poindexter surrendered the civil and legal rights of Hawaii residents to martial law after the Pearl Harbor attack, December 7, 1941.

An Elk for Governor: C. J. McCarthy

Charles James McCarthy (ER 1915-1916) stood up for Queen Liliuokalani in 1893, and 25 years later, as Governor, he did it again.

George D. Gear: first Loyal Knight [controversial and unconventional]

Which judge was a charter member of Honolulu Elks Lodge 616? A judge who released self-confessed criminals or an inventive judge who gave first-time youthful offenders a chance to change? Both!

The Malini Magic – An Elk Entertains the Troops

The World’s Greatest Magician was born Max Katz Breit in 1871 (or ‘73 or ’75) in Poland. In Max’s youth, his family immigrated to New York City where he learned magic and began performing at a very young age.

Reminders of the Castle Home

When members and their guests walk along the Lodge sea railing near the pool, you look out at the view or sunset over the ocean.

616 Elks – 80 Years Ago, January 1942

The Dec 7, 1941, attack caused chaos in Honolulu. 616 knew Elks had been in battles at Pearl Harbor, Schofield, Wheeler, and Hickam Fields, but nothing more.

The Many Homes of Honolulu Elks Lodge #616

Honolulu Lodge #616 of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks is now more than 100 years old.

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