Secretary’s Report – October 2021

Secretary’s Report – October 2021


Hang in there, members; we’ll get through this. The Mayor’s Safe Access Oahu mandates, which went into effect last month, were difficult to manage. Ultimately, they will lead us to better times. How soon we get there will depend on how we, and others, respect and abide by those mandates. The availability of dining and other amenities will be continually evaluated, in an effort to balance availability with safety.

Membership applications continue briskly. Twice-monthly Investigation sessions are ongoing and scheduled into November. The Membership processing steps of Investigation, Orientation, and Initiation are also continually being evaluated; Some are conducted virtually and others in-person where mandates can be practiced. Communication from the Membership staff with candidates is a key component.

The conduct of Lodge business meetings is also mostly held virtually. Lodge Officers and staff are doing well and continue to conduct Lodge business. That being said, we also ask members to be patient as we work our way through staff change-over and the training of new hires.

Aloha, e a hui hou
George West,

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